~La Patisserie Jolie~

Oh yum, yum, yum!!  Check out these Chocolate Truffle Soaps from La Patisserie Jolie!

Driven for a love of all things dessert,  owner Jessica Neaves decided to create a dessert inspired line of hand-made vegan soaps.  My fave too ~  hand-made AND vegan!  Currently you can slather yourself in 4 scrumdillyicious scents:  Chocolate Truffle, Frangipane ( a delicate almond marzipan scent), Italian Granita Ice (citrus scented) and  Macapuno, a variety of coconut.  Even if you don’t like coconut you may still enjoy this soap as you can also detect melon and citrus, with the coconut delicately wafting up!

Get out your favorite dessert plate and head on over to La Patisserie Jolie!

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