Liselle Mineral Makeup Review – Transform Your Look In Minutes

It was the diagnosis of the autoimmune disease “Scleroderma” with the added possibility of “Overlap Lupus”  that  inspired  Liselle Mineral Makeup Founder and fellow Aussie  Liz Pohlmann to follow her dreams to help others. Knowing first-hand how a little makeup can transform your look and boost your confidence, Liz decided to do something positive for others who were suffering like her. It was Liz’s mission to enable women of any age, skin type or condition to feel confident and every bit the Goddess they are, that led to Liselle Mineral Makeup being born. A natural, vegan, cruelty free makeup that is gentle and soothing on the skin, Liselle Mineral Makeup helps people transform their looks AND lives with 5% of all  Liselle sales being donated towards finding a cure for Scleroderma & Lupus as well as  support groups/organisations for people living with these debilitating diseases.

It is easy to say that beauty is only skin deep but it’s a fact that many women struggle with how they look and this impacts directly on their level of self-confidence. A little makeup goes a long way to help boost your mood and confidence. L.M.M. recognises this and helps women find happiness with their natural beauty by providing 100% natural products that are actually good for the skinand serve to enhance natural beauty – not mask it with thick, cakey makeup.

Sending me out a shade sampler with 5 shades to choose from ( great idea I know ) I could not decide between Luxe or Bliss as they both blended to my skin tone beautifully. Eventually deciding on Bliss I eagerly awaited the arrival of my Liselle SPF25 Loose Mineral Powder, Concealer & Foundation All – In – One . When it arrived I wasted no time getting my “make – up” on. Having fair sensitive skin I have never really liked the way foundation made my skin look (  it ages me ) or feel ( I hate when my skin feels like it cannot breathe ). On the rare occasion I do wear makeup I am literally watching the clock to see how long till I can wash it off. I love how “Bliss” gives my skin the freedom to breathe as well as reducing the rosy glow of my menopausal cheeks whilst covering up spider veins which I am awfully self-conscious of. Lasting ALL day and well into the night whilst evening out my skin tone and minimising the few wrinkles that I do have without looking caked on is what did it for me. I asked my girlfriends if the shade I had chosen suited me only to be asked…… Are you wearing makeup?… You are!!!…..Ohhh what brand  is it, it’s so good you don’t even look like you are wearing makeup, it looks really natural!!!  Another  great benefit of Liselle Mineral Makeup is that it can be applied in layers unlike traditional forms of foundation. Liselle Mineral Makeup uses rich pigments to achieve its true-to-skin-pigment colour which means that you need the tiniest amount of product to cover redness and blemishes. It also means you can build your coverage to the level you desire, from sheer to maximum coverage. All the while it stays looking natural, almost like a second skin.It enhances your features rather than coating them in thick cakey makeup. The effect is radiant naturally flawless looking skin.I would especially recommend adding a Supersoft Professional Vegan Kabuki Brush to your shopping cart. This premium kabuki brush delivers professional coverage for a flawless finish every time. It’s the perfect size, easy to grip, handy for when you’re on the go and comes with its very own gorgeous brush bag. It’s really soft on the face too. With added extracts of  green tea, rosehip,  jasmine, rose & chamomile  plus added vitamins of E & B5, Liselle Mineral Makeup is free from nanoparticles , petrochemicals, talc, clays, bismuth oxychloride, ferric ferrocyanide, FD&C colours, mineral oils, derivatives & parabens. Liselle ticks all my boxes, how about yours?

It’s makeup with a conscience and it’s all good………..


  1. CAS49 says

    I have a hard time finding any makeup to work. I use some mineral makeup but it doesn’t last on my face very long. I would love to win and try this!

  2. Cathy shore says

    I have tried a few different mineral powders some better than others but I am always looking for the best and would like to try this one.

  3. ChrisTea says

    I would like to try this makeup. I’m getting older and would like to wear less makeup but my skin tone is uneven and very white so I need some sort of coverage. Thanks for the chance to try it.


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