LL’S Magnetic Clay Detox Bath’s Review

So it is that time of year again, christmas parties, dinners, drinks etc. We are all guilty of it …………… overindulgence with a capital O that is. I can’t help but notice “detoxing” skyrockets at this time of year. I am a big fan of detoxing I love colonics, drinking ghastly concoctions, eating nothing but fruit for a week I have done it all. What I had not done/heard of before was  Magnetic Clay Detoxing . You know me though I jump at the chance to try something different, especially when it is proven to be safe & effective whilst using 100% natural, raw healing clays and botanicals all done in the privacy of my own home.  Eliminating toxins from my body without depleting essential minerals and all done at a fraction of the cost  through my the body’s largest organ the skin sounds a bit of alright wouldn’t you agree?  Excited is the word I would use when it arrived in the mail, I opted for the “Clear Out” detox out of the  12  variations  available from LL’s to choose from. Clear Out is one  of LL’s newest formulas, perfect for  various situations that are present with metal and chemical poisoning such as digestive problems, parasites in the body, depression, etc. This bath also addresses the following metals: lead , arsenic, mercury and aluminum poisoning. This is exactly what I needed

My Kit Contained 

5lbs of LL’smagnetic clay

Clear Out Detox Herbal Formula

Ph Testing Strips

A Drain Screen Guard

Instruction Booklet.

Opting  for option 2 using the clay bath guidelines in the instruction booklet  on how much and how often to use. I did my detox once a week over a month and still had some left over for the odd foot bath.LL’s really do think of it all before I had a chance to show the hubster my kit he aired his concerns about it staining the bath, clogging the pipes making me feel unwell etc needless to say all concerns were  quickly put to rest upon inspection on his part of the kit. LL’s had provided everything needed for a smooth ride or should I say bath!! No clogged pipes, no stains on the bath whatsoever ( our pipes are really old too ) After testing my PH ( using the strips provided and my saliva ) I was ok for a full tub rather than just a foot soak. Combining all the dry ingredients and mixing them well I was ready to get started. After prepping my tub ( so easy ) I measured out 1 cup of clay the first time to ease myself into it.( upping the level of clay by half a cup with each consecutive bath) After wet mixing the clay  to ensure no clumps were present ( clumped clay is not as efficient as clay that has been properly hydrated) I gave myself a dry brush down with a loofah then  hopped in and relaxed for 20 mins. The warm water opened up my pores and the clay/botanical mix got to work drawing out impurities, I drank about a litre of water while I was in the bath to keep me hydrated ( personal choice ) Once I got out of the bath I slathered on a natural moisturizer put on my robe  then got acquainted  with a big pot of peppermint tea relaxing on the couch. I had a total of 4 baths over a month and found  I got a slight headache with a hint of nausea, nothing too bad I have had worse headaches from detoxing off sugar! I take headaches as a GOOD sign that the detox is working so I just waited it out rather than popping aspirin. I got a slight pull from my groin to my knee on my right leg I put that down to having a lot of lymph nodes removed last year I am used to it and get it from time to time anyway so I was not put off by it. I massaged my leg towards the heart using Ancient Minerals Topical Magnesium and it went away .  I was a bit tired after each bath as I am a mother of 2 small children run my own business, write blogs am a PTA mum am always busy I was no more tired than usual during my detox. NOW the exciting part I want to share from my personal experience I lost alot of weight this year through diet and exercise. I  was struggling to lose those last 5lbs ……. well what can I say ………. those pesky pounds are now GONE!!!!  I can’t say if it was purely from detox although the only change to my lifestyle was the detox so you have to wonder don’t you. My skin looks fantastic my eyes sparkle, Digestion is at its best ( always had issues there ) I am sleeping better and things have ahem cough “improved” intimacy wise for me ( TMI I know ) I have more energy and as a result feel happier/better about myself and am looking forward to doing it all again after OVERINDULGING this christmas bring it on!!!!! Follow LL’s on FB for up to date sales and promotions. In the meantime if you are stuck for  christmas present ideas, trying to quit smoking, are on the better end of a serious illness, need pepping up or just want to try something different.  Arm yourself with all the tools to do so LL’s is available worldwide  so click here and  start shopping. Check out the Edible Earth Supplements   , Nascent Iodine  as well as the full range of Ancient Minerals Topical Magnesium Products while you are there I swear by the magnesium oil . Big thanks to Ashley from LL’s for posting out all the lovely goodies for me to try :) 


  1. Quezester Shay Bell says

    if i win the detox kit maybe i will be able to get all of the gunk out of my system that has been slowing me down all of 2012 and 2013 my energy level will be better for the new year !!!!!!!!


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