Makeup – Eye Liner Trick

Make the most out of your beauty items and turn your eye liner pencil into a thick smudge stick.

The BeautyDepartment Liner Trick

You will need a lighter and some patience as you wait 15 seconds or so for it to cool down. Don’t be crazy enough to try this on your eyelids to see if it is cool enough yet!  Try it on your hands first people.

Smoky eyes can make or break a look so make sure you get the right advice first.


  1. Cynthia Freytag says

    Terrible idea! Use your blow dryer instead and control the heat. Cools to a usable temp a lot faster. Never use an open flame on a wooden pencil!

  2. says

    Cynthia, That is a great idea! especially since not everyone has a lighter these days. Do I also need to remind people NOT to try this on your eye first! Test the heat on your hand!

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