New Layer lip balm recipe

This lip balm from Ponte Vedra Soap Shoppe is easy to make and very moisturizing.  As a bonus, it is non-greasy too!

lip_balm_singleNEW LAYER™ LIP BALM
1½ oz beeswax pearls
1 oz cocoa butter
1½ oz shea butter
2 ozs. sweet almond oil
1-2 teaspoons flavor oil
1 teaspoon vitamin E liquid (optional, as a preservative)

Weigh all ingredients.

In a very small pan, add the beeswax and melt over the lowest setting.
Once melted add the cocoa butter chunks and shea butter, let melt, and
then add the sweet almond oil.  Heat through.  Add the Vitamin E oil.
Remove from stove and pour into a glass measuring cup for easy pouring
into lip balm containers. 

Add the flavor oil, or if you would like to make more than one flavor with
this recipe, separate into different glass jars or cups and then add the
flavor oils.  Adjust the amount of flavor oil accordingly.  Stir flavor oils in
and pour into lip balm containers.  If the mixture starts to harden, place in
the microwave for a few seconds to re-melt and then pour.

Recipe makes 6 ozs 
This lip balm leaves a smooth,  non-greasy feeling and will not cake on your lips.

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