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Oooh girlehs – let me direct you to a site that was received through our “link suggestion.” Product Body Shop founder Joanna Schmidt told me in her link suggestion that “If you loved whipped butters, please visit my store and see my whipped shea butter. yummo.”

Well now. How could I refuse an invitation like that by someone who speaks my language? “Whipped shea butters. Yummo.” I loooove whipped shea butters. There’s just something about them, the texture and the way that they melt upon the skin turning you into a giant skin souffle. I make pretty fabuloso butters myself and always enjoy trying out other aromatic artistas whipped butter creations as well. So I just had to look because I felt that I was being taunted….in a good sort of way!

The whole site is fun to navigate through – no corporate lingo to be found here (thankfully!) The whipped shea butters look divine and the sugared butters…..look good enough to eat! There’s more to see at the site – be sure to check out the Bath Rubble while you’re there 😉
Cruise on over and pay Jo a visit.. . . .Product Body Shop

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