The Nose “Knows” – Free E-book

Are you tired of paying for high-dollar perfumes and soaps? Wish you could create your own signature fragrance, but think it’s too difficult to try? If you answered yes you need to check out the free E-book from Homemade Beauty Products. The Nose “Knows” provides you with lists of exactly what you need to get started making your own fragrances. Precision is necessary and the book is filled with step-by-step instructions. Not only will you learn what you need to create your own fragrances but you will also learn the art of crafting your very own designer soaps. Here’s more you can expect:
• Getting Started – How Is Soap Made From Scratch
• Mixing Ingredients (how to convert measurements)
• Source, Solvents and Fixatives (alcohol and oils)
• Cold Process, Melt and Pour Process and Rebatch Soap Making
• Ingredients, Necessary Tools and Equipment
• Safety Precautions
• Properties of Soap Making Oils
• How to Use Natural Colorants in Soap Making
• Making Liquid Soap


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