A Handmade Aromatherapy Pillow

This is a handmade aromatherapy pillow made by  fellow blogger @MommyLabs Rashmie Jaaju’s  5 year old daughter as gift for this Father’s day. She made this using scraps of cotton fabric, stitching it into a pillow and filling it with rice mixed with essential oils, attar and herbal powders. It’s the most invigorating and sweetest smelling aromatherapy pillow Rashmie has ever seen. I myself am just impressed seeing a 5 year old sew……very clever Pari :) Pop on over here to see Pari in full swing!!!!! One question I have to ask which is totally unrelated to bath & body is “Why don’t the Aussies & Americans have Father’s Day at the same time” Can anyone tell me why

*** Photo courtesy of MOMMY LABS ***

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