Apple Cider Vinegar For Weightloss and More


Well I have finally decided to give Apple Cider Vinegar a try. I have been researching it heaps and you can see this great article here at But My reason for taking it is not weight-loss (sure that would be great) it is for cleansing out a 6mm annoying little stone in my Gallbladder. I don’t know if it will work or make things worst but with a surgical consult booked in I am prepared to try anything else first.  Have you tried Apple Cider Vinegar? If so what for? Share your stories here.


  1. Lana Graham says

    I make the Trim Healthy Mama moonshine using this… Check out the Youtube video and use the one with the peppers…. wow. What a way to give up soda….

  2. Kim says

    I drink it to reduce cholesterol. Works great…dropped mine by 40 points. It also will clear up nail fungus. I lost my large toenail to it and after a year of applying the vinegar I had a new nail and the fungus is totally gone…5 years later and no problems with fungus at all.

  3. Anusha says

    Hi … I have never used it. Bought one recently … But have no idea how to use it. Purpose I want to use it for is detox cleansing … Any suggestions on how to intake it. Thanks !

  4. Nickey says

    I just had my gallbladder removed today. I don’t think this would of helped mine though I had 20 plus bb size stones. But I wish I would of seen this before it got that bad. I’m going to suggest it to my friend. Thank you for the info

  5. says

    I am taking 1 tsp (diluted in a glass of water). Don’t drink it straight as its acidic and will cause discomfort. You can add it to any juice if you don’t like the taste.

  6. Michelle says

    My husband has taken it to get rid of kidney stones. 1tbl ACV and 1tbl raw honey in a class of warm water 3 times a day. It took about three days to get rid of them. He did yhis last year and again this year. He hates the taste of ACV but likes the way it works. Beats meds or surgery.

  7. JEM says

    My cat kept getting cystitis and I read that giving them ACV and coconut oil helps so I thought I’d give it a try! It has worked! I diluted 1.5ml in 50ml water and give him 3ml of that solution twice a day.. He doesn’t enjoy drinking it but it has settled his cystitis and has saved me $$$$ with more vet bills! I put coconut oil on top of his sardines and he likes it! ??

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