DIY Lady Luck Bath Salts – Perfect For Mothers day

Using the basic bath salts recipe I posted about previously you can add your own herbal extracts, botanicals & clays to make an aromatic blend that will lift mums heart, soothe her mind and evoke positive feelings about her inner beauty. A long hot soak in the tub with a good handful of these bath salts will give her a whole new outlook on life. Makes 500Grams


475g bath salts (coarse crystals)

3Ml (60 drops) Rose Absolute Premium Essential Oil

1.5ML (30 drops) Rose Geranium Essential Oil

3 ML (60 Drops) Chamomile Roman 3% Essential Oil In Jojoba

25 Grams Lavender Flowers

1/2 Teaspoon Pink Clay

25 Gram Sodium Bicarbonate


1. Mix Salts together

2. Add Essential Oils & mix well

3. Wait 24 hours and add Sodium Bicarbonate  Lavender Floweres & Pink Clay . Mix well and bottle.


1 x warm-hot drawn bath

Add 100-125g bath salts under running water

Once dissolved grab a magazine and/or a glass of wine ( providing that you are of the legal drinking age )

sit back and aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh :)

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