Ice Water Challenge Gets Out Of Control


If you have been a little puzzled about the Ice Bucket Water Challenge and how it is actually helping charity, then take a look at this video. Sure everyone is saying it’s a charity thing but unless you donate then it’s not helping anyone. This guy not only put everyone in their place he shares some great Charity Ideas too. I love his little dig at wasting water too. Looking for charity craft ideas then check out this link on our Sister site.


  1. Jivvy says

    I absolutely adore CraftGossip and that makes it a little hard for me to say this, but…

    I’m disappointed to see CG jump on the bandwagon of taking potshots at a charity event that has raised an astonishing amount of money and awareness for a disease that most people barely knew existed prior to the challenge.

    Just because people haven’t taken the time to understand how the challenge is raising money and awareness doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

    I have no problem with promoting other charities (none of my charitable gifts go to ALS), but I am saddened by the cheap shots at a charity that’s doing such important work.

  2. says

    My brilliant, athletic husband is 15 months into ALS. Most people have never heard of ALS or, Motor Neuron disease,or Lou Gehrigs disease. The ice bucket challenge has not only brought so much attention and education to this terrible disease but also money for research. In 150 years, no one knows why it happens and there is no treatment for it. The ice bucket challenge brings a smile to our faces at a time when there are not many smiles. This challenge makes us feel like we are not alone.

  3. says

    “and your nipples hard” Only ion Australia LOL. Great video and all charities especially in the lead up to Christmas need a hand.

  4. says

    Hi there and thanks for your comment (and your love for CraftGossip!).

    As you may note, the comments were by the reporter (and not us). We just wanted to see what others thought of this. The aim was not to malign this great idea but provide a different perspective. :)

  5. Christina says

    What reporter? Or do you mean the person who wrote the lead? If the lead doesn’t represent the opinion of Craft Gossip you might want to change it a bit because I at least read it as such and that it was meant to malign and ridicule the Ice Bucket Challenge.

    Oh, and to the question you raise about is the Ice Bucket Water Challenge raising money… apparently really well! And not only for ALSA but also for ALS associations in other countries. Also remember that this wasn’t started by ALSA but by a private person.

    The Red Cross and Cancer societies are excellent charities, but they get lots of endorsement. Let ALS for once get a bit of attention.

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