Re – Think Your Tampon

Hate throwing away money on disposable items.  Ladies how much do you spend a month on tampons and pads?  I started my periods at 12, so for the last 19 years, I have spent a staggering $4,560 Aussie dollars on flushing things down the toilet.

What a waste of money and resources!

Never one to pose a question without offering a variety of solutions, I found an answer to a universal problem, Miacup. This little wonder product can be used for years and because your initial outlay is a once-off payment – AU $54.44 ( With every Miacup sold, Miacup will automatically donate AUD 0.69 to Food & Trees for Africa so you don’t have to run off to the shops every month to stock up.!!!!!!

An added bonus, there are no harmful chemicals, no fluff, plastic or wrapping to cause damage to your body, eliminating the chance of TSS, fungal infections and general bad ingredients finding their way into your very private places.


* Can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time. Can be worn overnight.

*  Is Easy to clean. Nothing to throw away. Easy to sterilise.

* Easy to use. Comfortable. No strings.

* More reliable. Perfect for swimming & other sports.

* Perfect for travelling. Requires less space to store/pack.

* Can be worn before start of period.

*Contains no harmful substances. Leaves no fibres behind.

* Hypoallergenic.

*Not associated with TSS, fungal or bacterial infections.

* Does not interfere with the body’s natural processes. Does not irritate or dry.

*Environmentally friendly. Lasts for years. Cost effective.

*  Guaranteed

* Ethical .

Something to think about when next you visit your tampon box…


  1. Alexis Gross says

    This looks pretty identical to the Diva Cup except the Diva Cup is clear silicone. I’ve been using a Diva Cup for about 7 years now and have been more than happy with it. I will dispute the “no leaks” claim, as I have had plenty, but it’s nowhere near as bad as tampons or pads. I will also put out there that part of the reason for my leaks is that I’ve had 2 major cases of fibroids with very heavy bleeding and was filling that cup every hour or so on the bad days. But, otherwise, I’ve been VERY happy with mine.

  2. says

    I can assure you LIX no one pays me to write about there products. I have contacted the company and requested a few Miacups for giveaway. Until today I had never heard of such a product. Please feel free to tell me of any other brands out there so I can contact them too.

  3. Candi says

    Long time reader, first time commenter :)
    I’ve been using the meluna cup for 2 years now and I love it. Their company is wonderful to work with too! The cup I ordered had a minor production flaw (cup was still usable) and they shipped me 3 new ones, 2 new ones my size and an extra to share with a friend. I’ve given away 2 of the three and my friends love me for opening their eyes to this amazing alternative way of living with your period. I will never go back to tampons or pads after using a cup! I personally recommend their cup with the ball attachment or no attachment at all.

  4. says

    I have a Moon Cup (which is pretty much identical) and it’s brilliant. Saves a fortune on disposable products and is kinder to the environment as well as my pocket! :)

  5. tonya says

    what goes around comes around.. im 64 yrs old. i still have this rubber cup discovered in my moms things when she passed.

  6. Tracey says

    I use the mooncup (very similar to the Diva) in UK and I love it. I find it perfect for me. Now you need to do a post on eco friendly pad options :)
    Great post

  7. Lisa says

    In the US the Moon Cup is a good alternative to the Diva Cup if you don’t want silicon, and don’t forget that you can use your blood to keep your plants looking healthy!

  8. CCC says

    I have used two different versions of these types of cups, and they are great! My first one lasted about 10 years, and was a natural rubber cup. My current one is silicon. They are great for travelling – not trying to pack boxes of supplies for long trips. Way fewer leaks than other products. Very happy with them!

  9. susan says

    Wow. Had hyster/oopher 21yrs ago due to uncontrollable severe endometriosis, ovarian”grapefruit”&preC stuff,and what I wudnt have given for somebody to tell me about this then. Lived in doubled supersized everything&was in suit&heel sales to boot. Knew every public potty in state. :( Not missing it for any news tho! :)

  10. says

    I love my mooncup too! It`s so much more effective than tampons, plus I don`t have to pollute the ocean every month.

    I have never looked backed since a friend suggested them to me a year ago and now I am spreading the word too!

  11. says

    First of all – how expensive are tampons in Australia?? I did the same calculation and came out with about £400 – $620 Aussie dollars…
    I really hate the thought of these things. What on earth do you do in public toilets – like at work where I spend most of my day? How do you manage to clean it out then?

  12. says

    Hi Wendy
    Every womans flow is different my calculation is for me personally $20 a month 12 months a year over 19 years
    20.00 x 12 x19 = $4,560. I was being underestimating too as for a couple of years I was getting my period every 10 days for 10 days and quite heavy.

  13. TCahal says

    So if these work like the Insteads did…I’m going to have to pass…it was the grossest thing ever and leaked allll the time…

    I have never hear of putting menstrual blood on plants…I think my hubby would freak out if he saw me emptying out a menstrual cup in the plants/flowers…

  14. Laura says

    I find by far the simplest solution is to use birth control that allows me not to have periods at all. :) I used to get extremely painful and heavy periods. I don’t see the point of suffering when I don’t need to. I <3 modern medicine.

  15. Kate says

    @Wendy, you just dump them into the toilet, you don’t have to wash them out every time you “change” them. If you are in a public restroom, just dump it, wipe it out with TP and reinsert. Done. And so much better than tampons or pads- trust me, I’m on blood thinners—ewwww

  16. says

    I have a Moon Cup (practically identical except clear silicone) and it’s brilliant. Even though I have an extremely heavy flow, I never have a leak (you just have to make sure it’s inserted properly and empty it regularly).

  17. Debbie says

    I have to say “Thank you!” for bringing up such a subject because I have never heard of these things and I’m 46 years old. This must be one of those taboo subjects that should be talked about.

    Now I’m going to do some research and purchase one for myself.

    Have a wonderful day!


  18. says

    I have been using the Diva Cup (same thing) for 4 years and LOVE IT! After every period is over, I sanitize my cup by boiling some water and dropping it in for a minute, like you might do when washing silicone pacifyers. It stays super clean.

    When I’m out and about with the cup in, I don’t wash it, but simply empty and reinsert. It is so easy. I don’t have to carry tampons around with me! I save about $400 a year because I don’t have to buy tampons or super absorbant night time pads. The diva cup takes care of it all!

    The cup is a very green choice in that is saves the environment AND the green in your wallet :)

    Cheers ladies!

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