Style Me Quick – Barbie Hair Repair


If your little girl has Barbies, then you know exactly why Barbie (or any other fashion doll) will eventually need a serious hair repair. Little girls love to brush and style Barbies hair and as a result it becomes frizzy and teased into a nest.

HousingAForest shares her tips for getting the hair back to manageable again.

More Style Me Quick tips?


  1. says

    It would appear that there isn’t. Very disappointing- my youngest has some pre-loved dolls that could use a makeover in the hair department….

  2. Mariel says

    Folks. You have to click on the blue letters that say Housing A Forest to get the how to. It’s a link. I tried it and it takes me to that page and step by step.

  3. says

    Sorry Everyone, seems a technical error caused the text to not show up in the post.

    I hope now you can all spend the day styling Barbie. :) Don’t forget Ken. Even guys need a little pampering too sometimes.

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