Wanted! – Tasty snack bars with less than 100 calories. Review

Before you ask what does this have to do with “craft” WANTED! snack bars are made in Australia (for the body conscious person) and are the brain child of  Slim Secrets Founder Sharon Thurin so that counts in my eyes.  I am writing about these bars today because deep down in all of us is a woman wanting to do the right thing by her body. Who is going to turn their nose up at something as tasty as a WANTED! Bar. When Slim Secrets asked customers what they “WANTED” in a bar  many came back and said that they would like a bar with less than 100 calories that are nutritionally balanced, gluten-free, with no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners that tasted great!.  Slim Secrets listened and as a result their WANTED! Range was born. Not only do the WANTED! bars taste like a decadent treat but they provide you with solutions to your snacking dilemmas  and all with all under 100 calories per bar….. GENIUS!!!!!!!

You can choose from 4 delicious protein/fibre filled flavours

Peach Perfection Snack Bar

Feeling unwanted? What you need is a dose of sumptuous peach and a rub down to soothe the mind and body and give you a special glow. Goodbye peaky hello peachy!

Not really a “peach” type of girl I still enjoyed this bar. Chewy and crunchy with a coating of white chocolate on the bottom YUMMO!!!!!!

Cranberry Choc ‘N’ Nuts Snack Bar

You said you wanted to have it all. Well now you can with a side order of nutritious berries and nuts to offset that wicked chocolate and you have a win-win situation.

This did not even touch the sides by far my favourite of the 3 I did try. I could smell the cranberry as I opened it. Loved the milk chocolate coating on the bottom. Same texture as the other bars Chewy and crunchy at the same time. I felt like I was being naughty, super happy that I was being good. A great choice to fulfil your afternoon chocolate cravings.

Juicy Apple & Cinnamon Snack Bar

Adam & Eve discovered that the most forbidden fruit is always the most wanted! Go ahead and have it all with this tempting, guilt-free snack bar.

Wow this one came in 2nd for me I could smell the cinnamon ( love cinnamon ) and apples. I would eat this one  anytime of the day but if I was in a hurry to get to work and had run out of time to have breakfast I would eat this one for sure.

Vanilla Almond Snack Bar

So you really want to indulge? Well here’s our little secret – aromatic vanilla and crunchy, satisfying almond pieces that taste gorgeous and cheekily under 100 calories!

Did not get to try this one but after trying the other 3 …………….. let me at it!!!!!

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