I know what you are thinking I can make my own Hair Extensions? Well yes ladies, yes you can.  First you need to source the hair, obviously the better the quality the better the look. Try E-bay and other cosmetic …

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Hair removal is one of those things, we don’t really WANT to do it. We probably  don’t even NEED to do it but here we sit planning on ways to rip the hair from it’s delicate roots so that we …

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If frizz is getting the better of your hair then it’s time to try something a little tasty, Yes I said tasty. This Yogurt and Avocado recipe is sure to get you salivating whilst you pop it onto your hair …

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This quick hair style is just a little extra special than a normal bun. I know what you are thinking, this looks easy right? I challenge you to give it a go and see just how long it takes you. …

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Travelling means you can’t always take your normal stock pile of beauty supplies with you. Here are some simple hacks to maintain a beautiful regime on holiday.

1: Sugar sachets and lemon slices from the hotel bar can be mixed …

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I am a self confessed pony tail girl, I love the idea of it being acceptable to wear it out to a party. I definitely need to try this “Easy prep pony tail” as it looks sleek and best of …

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Faking it is something most Woman are capable off. We fake a smile, we fake a laugh and we fake numerous other things too. (Stop thinking naughty stuff)

This faux Bob is perfect for the Woman who doesn’t want to …

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This Triple braid Hair style looks simple enough on the infograpahic, not sure how it neatly it would all come together for me though. Well worth a try if you have a few spare moments to do a trial run. …

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I have always been a pony kinda gal. So adding a little height to my pony is a slight variation I think I could handle. I could even manage to do this on a school morning.


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I am not sure what is more crazy, the fact that crimping is back in fashion or the fact I remember buying a crimper when I was really young (Ok not that young). Get your 80′s on with this simple …

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Ombre Hair is all the fashion at the moment and unless you have a spare $100 you might want to give it a go at home. I know bleach is scary and we have all heard the tales of green …

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This is a great styling tip if you have fly-aways. Obviously you could just add a heap of product to slick it down too. Now If I can just find a way to hide my grey hairs.  Why do we …

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I have never been to a summer music festival but If I had been to one I am sure this is how I would have worn my hair. I love the fact this was created over a simple headband. Check out …

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If you have straight hair than there are times you want curly hair and vice-versa for the curly girls.

Leah from fab life is meeting you in the middle with this tutorial on how to get beach waves with a …

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Firstly my hair color was not a mistake, it was a crutch. I had spent around 8 years dying my hair this color and that color until I was finally happy with a dark red. I have been various shades …

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