Maoli Perfumes Review – Perfect Last Minute Stocking Filler

 Maoli Perfumes It all started when two little hapa brothers homesickness and sensitive noses made them close their lemonade stand and open a perfume house instead. I love these teeny tiny yet powerful perfume balms not only do they possess a rather sweet fragrance reminiscent of all things that smell ” like the sunshine” but they are free from all those nasty synthetic fragrances that trigger off my sinus issues. There are 4 to choose from Under The Orange Tree, Royal Pikake, Leilani’s Lei Stand & Chocolate Kingdom. Inspired by the turquoise beaches and juicy mangoes of their native homeland Hawaii, a simple idea born from the request to not forget all their sweet and warm island memories has now turned into a family business. Turning the boys requests into a learning experience ” mama hapa” prepared a unit study on natural perfumery in which making an eau de cologne was the final project. Little did she know that the boy’s creation would fill the gap between baby products and pheromone sprays. After many requests from friends, family and strangers started coming in,  along with mom and dad’s guidance, Kai and Kalani decided to embrace entrepreneurship at a higher level of responsibility. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing from what I have read  they don’t get an allowance and are highly addicted to Lego! Maoli is now a family affair, dedicated to honoring and respecting the art of natural perfumery while providing fragrant sweetness with lots of aloha.

Sent out all 4 to try for myself firstly I want to say thank you Kai, you brightened my day. Also how fitting are the packaging and label designs . These balms are the perfect size to fit in my handbag even after a hot day did they not melt or leak into my bag which is the first tick of approval. Applying the “Chocolate Kingdom” on a girls night out the second I sat in my friend’s car when she picked me up she said “you smell really nice, what are you wearing” no “hello” just a compliment which leads me to believe that the second you smell it on a person you must like it so much that you are compelled to forgo the usual hello, how are you and skip straight to “you smell really nice” bit because this did not just happen once but every time I wore this particular scent. Upon wearing th Leilani’s Lei stand I  would keep forgetting I’d put it on my wrist and get the most divine whiffs of flowers so much so I keep looking for them, then I remember ……… oh it’s me HA!  Under The Orange Stand  was not just oranges it was more of an orange blossom with a hint of something else that I could not quite put my finger on. Every time I smelt it I would simply smile if I was having a particularly bad day, one whiff and again……I would be smiling. Royal Pikake I have never smelt the flower before, even though I found this particular scent the most powerful upon a sniff it did soften a bit upon application and allow the subtle notes to mix and react on my skin which resulted in a softer scent which made my mouth water. I thought of Jasmine with a hint of vanilla. Overall I love your work Kai & Kalani you certainly did sweeten up my world with your happy perfumes :)


So Craftgossipers if you are looking for that perfect last-minute stocking filler or would just like some sunshine for yourself pop on over to Maoli and load up.  All orders over $25 receive free shipping. For a great read check out theirblog. Don’t forget to become a fan on FB  and keep up to date with all the  exciting ventures/new projects because it does not stop at perfume balm there is also Lip Balm which in my opinion  if it’s anything like the Perfume Balms it’s a guaranteed  winner!!


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    what a wonderful review! I just had to go order two perfumes and a balm. Will make me think of the 12+ years we lived on island! :)


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