Abeeco – Natural Bee Venom Lip Plumper Review – The Pictures Do Not Lie!!

 After recently reviewing the  Abeeco Bee Venom Mask ( hailed as the natural alternative to Botox )  made in and by New Zealand company ABEECO  I was so happy with the results I happily said YES to testing out and reporting back my experiences using ABEECO’S 3 latest products currently available for purchase the Royal Eye Creme, Anti-aging Support Creme and the *squeals Bee Venom Lip Plumper. Today I am sharing my experiences whilst using Abeecos Bee Venom Lip Plumper, I would recommend a patch test for first time users, for me though I have no problem with Abeeco products I had previously used so I dived straight in!  There was a slight tingling but no more than a lip plumper I have used before that I bought from the chemist. I found the balm to be quite nourishing, you could use this alone or under a lipstick. I will also add that it DOES NOT taste bad !! After 60 seconds I photographed my results. Bee Venom Lip Plumper  gives a whole new meaning to the term ” Bee Stung Lips” Just  look at my pics they speak for themselves really.


After adding one light coat of Bee Venom Lip Plumper to my lips I ended up with this look. You can add more for a more plumped out look but for me personally this was just right :)


The effect is not only subtle and natural but it is also REAL!!! No nasty injections resulting in that awful trout pout I see half of America walking around with  I mean c’mon do they not seriously see how ridiculous they look? It is super kind on your bank balance to this product is soooooo affordable. See how it plumped out and minimised the lines in my lower lip as well as giving my top lip a slight boost. Add a little of my red lipstick and


I cannot be happier with my results I love that it has improved on what god has given me, not permanently altered or should I say  disfigured my face. I can pick and choose when I want a fuller look, when I see what is in the ingredients listing I can smile even more. Containing rice, apricot and grape seed oils, butters of cacao and shea, beeswax, honey, and the lip plumping properties of bee venom and capsicum fruit extract. I can safely say I KNOW what those ingredients are.  I would also like to clear something up. Absolutely NO BEES are harmed in the process ABEECO are conscious of the future of  bees so the bees definitely do not die during the collection process. Because the bees are only stinging an electrically charged pane of glass, their abdomens remain intact (they are wrenched from their body when they sting something they can penetrate which is what actually kills them).


So if your are one of the thousands of women out there who want a fuller lip you HAVE to try this at $29.50 for a 9g pot I told you it was affordable right! Don’t be fooled into thinking you will use it up quickly either, you only need a tiny amount to achieve your desired look. Want to get your hands on some for yourself?  Get some in your shopping cart now by clicking HERE 

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A big shout out to Jude, thank you for sending out the Bee Venom Lip Plumper LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!


  1. says

    Maybe a silly question but I have to ask, what if you’re allergic to bee stings? I’d love some lip plumping action but am also pretty darn allergic to bees!

  2. adrienne z says

    I would love to try this – my lips are thin and disppearing somehow into my face. I need osmething to bring them out. there’s nothing to kiss anymore… :-(


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